Hey there, foodies! Welcome to the My Continental Food Recipes Blog!My name is Memona Adnan and I started Continental Food Channel on Youtube in 2021 and develop recipes and recipe videos full time together.

I’m here to share generations of recipes that are homey, fresh, healthy, family-friendly, authentic.Most importantly, my recipes taste great and you can trust that they actually work.

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To be completely honest, I wasn’t always excited about cooking. When I got married in 2006, it became a necessity – a “must-eat to live” We had a lot of frozen meals and ate out too much in the first year of our marriage. I had a free summer (and decided I would improve my cooking skills so we could live and eat healthier.)

My recipe collection continues to grow. I love to try new recipes and will share my favorites with you. I hope you enjoy this blog and find recipes that will become your family favorites as well. This is a personal website, and all the recipes are tested and approved by my family. All the photography is done by me.

Now I can’t stop cooking and thinking about cooking and dreaming about cooking… I was born for this!

I hope you enjoy browsing through our recipes as much as I enjoy creating them. We’re honored to be a part of your culinary journey. So, let’s get cooking, foodies!

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Disclaimer: This blog includes only my own opinions and is not professional advice. It is not intended to be dietary advice or a diet plan, although I try to post healthy-ish recipes, please talk to your Dr. for medical or dietary advice. I am not liable if you eat too many Fast Food.

About Continental Food Recipes

Welcome to Continental Food Recipes, your ultimate destination for mouth-watering dishes from around the world! Our website is dedicated to bringing you the most delicious and authentic continental food recipes, right from the comfort of your own home.

The purpose of Food Continental Recipies Blog is to share generations of recipes that are homey, fresh, healthy, family-friendly, authentic, and adventurous. Most importantly, my recipes taste great, and you can trust that they actually work. My aim is to bring you a taste of home with every recipe. From fresh and healthy to family-friendly, authentic, and adventurous, we’ve got it all. Our recipes have been passed down through generations, and you can trust that they not only taste great but work. I  am passionate about what I do, and I owe it all to you, my loyal followers.

My goal with Continental Food Recipes Blog is for you to really discover and fall in love with cooking and find many new favorite recipes your family will love. The ingredients I use are simple and easily accessible; not overly hoity-toity. My motto: if you can read (a well-written, tested, and trusted recipe), you can cook.

I draw on all my past experiences which make me the recipe developer, video creator, photographer, writer, and business owner that I am today. I set the bar high so you can expect great recipes and videos here. God has made all my past experiences work for my good.

Cooking Adventure from Home

Cooking wasn’t always my thing. When I got married in 2006, cooking became necessary for me. In the beginning, we relied a lot on frozen meals and eating out. But then, during a free summer, I decided to get better at cooking so we could eat healthier and tastier meals.

Growing Collection of Yummy Recipes

As time went on, I started trying out different recipes and discovering new flavors. I’ve collected a bunch of recipes that I love, and I’m excited to share my favorites with you. These are recipes that my family has tried and loved. I’m also the one taking all the pictures of the food.

From Reluctant Cook to Cooking Enthusiast

Now, I can’t get enough of cooking. It’s become a big part of my life, and I’m always thinking about new dishes to make. It’s like I was born to do this!

Let’s Cook Together!

I hope you have a blast going through all the recipes I’ve put together. I’ve enjoyed making them as much as I hope you’ll enjoy making and eating them. I feel honored to be a part of your cooking journey. So, let’s get cooking, my fellow foodies!

Share Your Recipes Too

If you have a recipe that you’re super proud of, I’d love to feature it on my blog. Just send it to me by clicking here, and who knows, your recipe could be in the spotlight next!

A Quick Note

While I’m all about good food, I’m not a professional expert. My blog is just my thoughts and opinions, not professional advice. So, if you need serious dietary or medical advice, talk to a doctor. Also, even though I love food, I’m not responsible if you eat too much fast food!

Discover Continental Food Delights

Welcome to Continental Food Recipes, where we’re all about sharing mouthwatering dishes from around the world! Our goal is to bring you the best continental food recipes that you can easily make at home.

Delicious, Simple, and Authentic

Our aim is simple: to give you recipes that are delicious, easy to make, and true to their origins. These are recipes that have been passed down through generations, so you know they’re tried and tested.

Cooking is for Everyone

Cooking doesn’t have to be complicated. If you can read a good recipe, you can cook amazing food. That’s our motto. We believe in using everyday ingredients to create extraordinary flavors.

A Taste of My Journey

All my experiences have led me here – from developing recipes to making videos, taking photos, and more. I’ve put in a lot of effort to make sure you get top-notch recipes and videos. Everything I’ve done in the past has prepared me for this.

Stay tuned for more delicious recipes that will make your cooking journey exciting and satisfying. Let’s explore the world of continental cuisine together and create some delicious memories!

%continental food recipies%
continental food recipes