Juicy Vanilla Pineapple Cake: 7 Easy Steps, No Oven! Italian Dolce Desserts

The first time I tried this Italian Dolce dessert, the Juicy Vanilla Pineapple Cake, it was an absolute delight! My little daughter loved it too – she couldn’t get enough! Desserts are always a hit, and I love exploring new recipes. In this guide, you’ll find a video to help you with each step. As someone who enjoys cooking and baking in my kitchen, I promise you’ll love trying out this recipe.

Delicious adventure with our Vanilla Pineapple Cake! This Italian Dolce is soft, juicy, and bursting with heavenly flavors. No oven needed! Our easy recipe will guide you step-by-step to a delightful dessert that’ll impress everyone.

Experience Italian Delight: Vanilla Pineapple Cake Recipe

Treat yourself to the Creamy Pineapple Delight! With its luscious layers blending whipped cream, cream cheese, and juicy pineapple, this no-bake wonder is a symphony of flavors. Whether for a special moment or a simple craving, let this dessert whisk you away to Italian culinary joy. Let’s get started and create something amazing together!

Prepare the Cream Mixture: In a mixing bowl, combine the whipping cream, caster sugar, and vanilla essence. Use an electric mixer or a whisk to beat the mixture until it forms stiff peaks. This will be your whipped cream layer.

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Add Cream Cheese: Add the cream cheese to the whipped cream mixture. Gently fold the cream cheese into the whipped cream until well incorporated. Be careful not to overmix.

Prepare Pineapple: Drain the tin of pineapple and finely chop the pineapple pieces. You can also crush them slightly with a fork if desired. Set aside.

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Assemble the Layers: Dip each ladyfinger sponge biscuit into the pineapple juice and water mixture briefly, making sure not to soak them too much. Arrange a layer of soaked ladyfingers at the bottom of a serving dish or glass dish.

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Add Pineapple and Cream: Spread a portion of the cream mixture over the layer of soaked ladyfingers. Sprinkle some chopped pineapple pieces over the cream layer.

Repeat Layers: Create another layer of soaked ladyfingers on top of the cream and pineapple layer. Spread more of the cream mixture over the ladyfingers, and add another layer of chopped pineapple.

Final Layer and Garnish: Add a final layer of soaked ladyfingers on top. Spread any remaining cream mixture evenly over the top layer. This will be the top of your dessert. Sprinkle chocolate sprinkles over the cream layer for a decorative touch.

Chill and Set: Cover the dessert dish with plastic wrap or a lid and place it in the refrigerator. Let the dessert chill for at least 4 hours, or ideally overnight. This will allow the flavors to meld and the dessert to set properly.

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Serve: Once the dessert is thoroughly chilled and set, you can slice and serve it. The layers of soaked ladyfingers, creamy mixture, and pineapple will create a delightful Italian dolce dessert.

Enjoy: Garnish each serving with an extra sprinkle of chocolate if desired, and savor the flavors of the Juicy Vanilla Pineapple Cake dessert!

Remember that the ladyfingers will absorb moisture from the cream and pineapple layers as it chills, creating a soft and delectable dessert.

Juicy Vanilla Pineapple Cake: 7 Easy Steps, No Oven! Italian Dolce Desserts

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Enjoy the amazing Vanilla Pineapple Cake – a no-bake Italian dessert! It’s soft, juicy, and combines creamy vanilla with tropical pineapple for a heavenly treat. Super easy to make, great for any occasion, and oh-so-tasty! Treat yourself to a slice and savor the delightful flavors in every bite. You’ll love it!


  • 2 cups crushed pineapple (canned or fresh)

  • 1 ½ cups all-purpose flour

  • 1 ½ cups granulated sugar

  • 1 teaspoon baking soda

  • ½ teaspoon salt

  • 2 large eggs

  • ½ cup vegetable oil

  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

  • ½ cup chopped walnuts (optional)

  • Whipped cream or frosting (optional, for serving)


  • Mix Cream: In a bowl, blend whipping cream, sugar, and vanilla essence until stiff peaks form.
  • Add Cheese: Fold cream cheese into the mixture gently to combine.
  • Prep Pineapple: Drain and chop pineapple; set aside.
  • Layer Ladyfingers: Briefly dip ladyfinger biscuits in pineapple juice and arrange at dish bottom.
  • Layer Cream and Pineapple: Spread cream over biscuits, top with pineapple.
  • Repeat Layers: Add another ladyfinger layer, cream, and pineapple.
  • Top and Garnish: Finish with a layer of ladyfingers. Spread cream, sprinkle chocolate.
  • Chill: Cover and refrigerate for 4 hours or overnight.
  • Serve: Slice and relish this Italian delight.
  • Enjoy: Add extra chocolate, if desired.

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  • Pineapple: You can use either canned or fresh crushed pineapple for this recipe. If using canned pineapple, make sure to drain any excess juice before adding it to the batter.
  • Pan Size: Choose a cake pan that is appropriate for the amount of batter. The size of the pan will determine the thickness and baking time of the cake. A standard 9-inch round cake pan or 8×8-inch square pan should work well.
  • Optional Ingredients: Feel free to customize your cake by adding extras such as shredded coconut or maraschino cherries for added flavor and decoration. Adjust the quantity of these ingredients to suit your taste preferences.
  • Chilling Time: It is crucial to let the cake chill in the refrigerator for at least 2-3 hours. This allows the flavors to meld together and the cake to set properly. Patience is key to achieving the desired texture and consistency.
  • Frosting Options: While the Vanilla Pineapple Cake is delicious on its own, you can enhance its taste and presentation by frosting it with whipped cream or your favorite frosting. Consider using a cream cheese frosting or a coconut whipped cream for a complementary flavor.
  • Serving Suggestions: Serve the cake chilled or at room temperature, depending on your preference. It pairs well with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a dollop of whipped cream. Feel free to garnish with additional pineapple slices or chopped walnuts for an extra touch.
  • Storage: Store any leftover cake in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Consume within a few days for the best taste and freshness.

In conclusion, whether you’re baking a cake without an oven, exploring different flavors and decorations, or adapting recipes to suit dietary needs, the world of cake-making is full of endless possibilities. With a little creativity, practice, and the right guidance, you can create delectable cakes that will impress and delight your loved ones. So, don your apron, gather your ingredients, and let your imagination run wild as you embark on a journey of sweet indulgence. Enjoy the process, savor the results, and relish every bite of your homemade masterpiece. Happy baking!

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Frequently Asked Question – Vanilla Pineapple Cake

What makes the Juicy Vanilla Pineapple Cake so special?

The Juicy Vanilla Pineapple Cake is special because it’s a soft, no-bake Italian Dolce dessert that combines the delightful flavors of creamy whipped cream, cream cheese, and juicy pineapple. It’s a symphony of flavors that’s easy to make and doesn’t require an oven.

Can I make this dessert in advance?

Yes, you can make this dessert in advance. Ideally, it should chill in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours or overnight to allow the flavors to meld and the dessert to set properly.

How do I garnish the Juicy Vanilla Pineapple Cake?

You can garnish each serving of the Juicy Vanilla Pineapple Cake with an extra sprinkle of chocolate sprinkles for a decorative touch.

Can I use any other fruit instead of pineapple?

While pineapple adds a unique tropical flavor to this dessert, you can experiment with other fruits like strawberries, kiwi, or mango if you prefer different flavors.

Where can I find a video tutorial for this recipe?

You can find a video tutorial for this Vanilla Pineapple Cake recipe on the Continental Food YouTube channel, where you’ll get step-by-step guidance on creating this delightful dessert.

What other Italian desserts can I explore?

Italy is famous for its diverse range of desserts. Some other Italian desserts to explore include Tiramisu, Cannoli, Panna Cotta, and Gelato.

Are there any variations to this recipe?

You can add variations to this recipe by experimenting with different types of biscuits or cookies for the layers and trying various fruit combinations to suit your taste.

Can I make this dessert for a special occasion?

Absolutely! The Juicy Vanilla Pineapple Cake is a great choice for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or family gatherings. Its creamy, fruity goodness is sure to impress your guests.

How do I ensure the ladyfingers are not too soggy? A9: To prevent the ladyfingers from becoming too soggy, briefly dip them into the pineapple juice and water mixture. Make sure not to soak them excessively.

Is this dessert suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, this dessert is suitable for vegetarians as it doesn’t contain any meat or animal by-products.

How to make a moist cake?

To make a moist cake, consider incorporating ingredients like buttermilk, sour cream, or yogurt into the batter. These ingredients add moisture and help keep the cake soft and tender. Additionally, avoid overbaking the cake, as it can result in a dry texture. Follow the recommended baking time and use a toothpick or cake tester to check for doneness.

How to make a cake without eggs?

Eggs can be substituted in a cake recipe using alternatives like applesauce, mashed bananas, yogurt, or silken tofu. These ingredients act as binders and help provide moisture to the cake. Replace each egg with approximately ¼ cup of the chosen substitute. Keep in mind that the texture and flavor may vary slightly from the original recipe.

How to decorate a cake?

Decorating a cake can be a creative and enjoyable process. Start by cooling the cake completely before applying frosting or icing. You can use a spatula to spread a smooth layer of frosting or use piping techniques to create decorative patterns or borders. Add additional decorations like sprinkles, fruit slices, chocolate shavings, or edible flowers to enhance the visual appeal.

How to make a gluten-free cake?

For a gluten-free cake, substitute all-purpose flour with gluten-free flour blends available in the market or make your own blend using alternative flours like almond flour, rice flour, or coconut flour. Ensure all other ingredients used in the recipe, including baking powder and flavorings, are gluten-free as well. Follow the recipe instructions, making the necessary adjustments for gluten-free ingredients.

How to fix a cake that didn't rise?

A cake that didn't rise could be due to several factors, such as expired baking powder, incorrect measurements, or overmixing the batter. To salvage it, you can crumble the cake and use it as a base for cake pops or trifle. Alternatively, you can slice the cake horizontally, spread a layer of frosting or filling between the slices, and create a layered dessert. Additionally, consider checking your baking powder's freshness and ensuring proper measurement techniques in future attempts.

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